[video] : QBC Archives

While in London I joined Kru the brain behind Queer Black Creatives on a Google Hangouts and talked through why I left America, what I've learned in the first 6 months since and a bunch more. Get into it!


"I'm living a life I don't identify or recognize and I don't want that and I don't have to have that."

"you have to sit down and affirm things in your life that don't make sense at that moment." 


[article] : ARE YOU ALIVE?

In this interview I had a couple hour conversation with Tianna Mañón of Open Mic where all summer OM will feature posts and stories from black millennials traveling the world. Here's what she wrote based on our conversation.


"For me, this is a place of unlearning, learning and affirming so I have to take those experiences and say, ‘That’s in America.'”