Thailand is my first stop on the journey. Will I stay? Will I keep it moving? 


I have no idea what i'm doing

But I'm going to figure it out. I could say coming to Thailand started with a text but it really started in the months of discomfort before that text. Getting here was a journey in and of itself. I'm writing this in retrospect because when I arrived I wasn't open to sharing, I was completely in need of receiving. I had no idea if I'd ever share because I just needed space & time to myself.

The best way to learn any city is to get lost in it. You’ll be ok.
— Aunt Theresa

What i learned

  • It's ok to take time & space for yourself.
  • Just because you fall doesn't mean you haven't made progress.
  • I really like motorbikes.
  • I need the energy of people as much as I need alone time. Both recharge me.
  • There are a lot of Black people in Chiang Mai. 
  • Bangkok & Chiang Mai are not the same.
  • I am a masterpiece.
  • Being lost externally isn't the same as being lost internally.

Planes, trains, motorbikes. Burgers, bolognese, oh my!

My six-weeks in Vietnam was a whirlwind! There were parts I loved, moments I abhorred & times I thought I was destined to never enjoy food again. My love of motorbikes grew as did my skill in navigating them.


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I have little to no pictures of my time in the streets of Saigon because theft was the central talking point of most locals. They drilled it in my head that anything of value would be stolen, violently. This shaped much of my experience in Ho Chi Minh City. The times I did enjoy were with my host, Anh. Especially playing truth, dare, double-dare, promise to repeat while on her motorbike.


Da Nang, Vietnam

I love Da Nang! Being able to get on my motorbike and explore the city, meet people and have the dopest experiences, best burgers and pasta bolognese ensures Da Nang will always have a special place in my heart.


Hanoi, Vietnam

I'd heard so many negative things about Hanoi that I limited my time there to about 50 hours. I wish I hadn't. Hanoi has all of the vibes, culture & you can breath. 

What i learned...

  • Queue, what's that?
  • Good tomatoes = amazing sauce
  • Food shapes a lot of my experiences.
  • Cultural exchange is possible
  • If everyone's doing it, it must not be rude
  • It's ok to acknowledge the parts of the journey that aren't enjoyable
  • Order my Grab well ahead of the time it's needed
  • Honking the horn is the Vietnamese way